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Newborn Session - prep & behind the scenes

Everyone wants to be as prepared as possible for their newborn's first portrait session. I always provide my parents with a detailed preparation packet at booking so we can all feel good going in to our session. I encourage all possible clients to book their session during their second trimester to ensure a spot on my calendar.

Day before the session:

If you are nursing, please try to avoid any caffeinated beverages. Get you and your spouses outfits together, plus any sibling outfits (if applicable). Pack the diaper bag so its all ready to go, leaving your morning less stressful and chaotic.

Things to pack:


-Pacifier (even if baby does not normally take a pacifier, please bring one)

-Change of clothes for baby

-Parent/Sibling outfits

-Water, snacks (I do have beverages and snacks here, but if you would like to bring you can as well)

-Formula and/or anything to make you comfortable while nursing

Day of the session:

If the morning allows, give the baby a sponge bath, or full bath if umbilical cord has fallen off. Try to keep the baby awake for a bit as well (I know this isn't always easy). Dress the baby in clothes that I can take off without having to remove over their head (zip down, button downs, etc) Most importantly, give the baby a FULL feeding before leaving the house and heading over to me. Their bellies will be nice and full and they will more than likely fall into a deep sleep in the car ride over to me.

Once you arrive:

I will take the baby out of the car seat and start working with him/her. It will be super warm in here (75-80 degrees), so it is best to come in comfortable clothing and then change into your outfits for your part of the session when the time comes.

During the session, safety is always my number one priority. I was a pediatric nurse, with experience in the newborn nursery, as well as the NICU. Safe handling is more important to me than getting a shot.

My sessions are laid back and we are all very relaxed from beginning to end (even when there is poop and pee involved).

The babies may stir and wake in between setup changes (i.e. changing wrap colors as you see here, thanks Jackee for the behind the scenes shots), but I have a multitude of soothing techniques to get them to settle back down. I am also very in tune to their needs, and can tell whether they just need some settling, need some cuddling, are hungry, or possibly have a gas bubble and need to burp.

If you are interested in learning more about the newborn experience with Sweet Pea Imagery by Nicole send me a message and we can set up a pre-consultation!

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