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Double the sweetness|Monmouth County Photographer|Newborn Session|Twin Session

Hello everyone!

I know it has been awhile. I am making a promise to myself to blog more often (I feel like we all say this same thing, why is blogging so hard to cross off the to do list?).

Kicking off my first blog with double the sweetness.....

I dont get to photograph twins too often, but when I do they are some of my most memorable sessions. This past month I had the honor of photographing these two beautiful girls and their parents. We had SUCH an amazing session.

Before all of my sessions I sanitize the work space and steam treat all of the fabrics and furniture. I also double mask for all sessions now (KN95 plus a regular surgical mask) and I have a strict no illness policy.

This was my first official newborn session of the 2021 year. I couldn't have asked for a better start.

Mom brought the CUTEST little reindeer outfits!

The girls slept for the majority of their session. Their favorite spot for sure was cuddled next to each other.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said they slept for the majority of their session. We were able to get multiple set ups without so much as a peep from the girls.

I have been really digging the blush & light pink tones lately. The girls wore it well!

Twins generally find comfort being next to each other, as they have spent the last couple of months cuddled up in mommas belly side by side.

And finally we end with family shots. Which always end up being my favorite. I really wish newborn photography was a thing when I had my babies, because I would kill for portraits like this with my babies.

How good does this momma look?! Hard to believe she gave birth just 2 weeks earlier! So beautiful!

We were having a good time, if you couldn't tell!

I was torn with this one, black & white or color??

One of my favorite shots.... mommy & her girls.

I really had such a great session with these four. Our session took about 3.5 hours (possibly close to 4), which is not bad for twins. It was a cold day that day (low 30s), but I still got myself out for a walk after the session, then had a nice warm dinner and called it a day!

Hope you are all staying warm, safe, and healthy!



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